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21st Century Skills For Testers

This book is about stories that the authors have collected from software testers around the world about their ideas and thoughts on how they apply 21st-century skills: critical thinking, communication,  collaboration, and creativity.

The book consists of stories that are written in English and French. There is an English index available for all the stories and will help you find the stories that you like to read.


Testing Stories

Software testing professionals from around the globe have volunteered to each share a story related to software testing, with the aim of inspiring others from their experiences.


The team has decided to donate all royalties sold through leanpub to Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), as we collectively value their mission statement and work in mental health in the tech and open source communities.

21 DAYS 21 TIPS.png


In order to foster the culture of sharing, The Test Chat community started an initiative called the #21days21tips. And once the initiative started, people joined in and shared tips that would help others get better. Tips that are practical, tips that are focused, and tips that have been tried and tested. What started as a way of sharing tips turned big really soon with testers from all over the world participating and contributing. Doing things differently is synonymous with The Test Chat and going by the tradition, they came up with the novel idea of publishing the tips as an e-book. This publication is a culmination of the thoughts, ideas, and hard work of testers from around the world and works as a ready reckoner for all the tips that have been shared as a part of this effort.

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