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Pooja Shah
Lead Automation Engineer

Prashant is one of the best things that happened to my team at MoEngage. He joined us at an early stage, took over many of my responsibilities with no hand-holding, which allowed us to partner and bring the best of both the worlds of exploratory (manual) and automation testing. Year after year, Prashant helped us evangelize and improve the way - we certify our product quality - the way we expand our teams (we grew from 3 to 24 in last 3 years just in my team, and for a lead in quality, every single person joining in engineering is also like a new joiner to onboard to the quality principles and nurture until they start believing and following. Having Prashant made it all feasible. We have been through those rough times, we sailed, we failed, we got up again and we emerged as better individuals and team) - helping us implementing enjoyable value-driven practices like bug bashes, DRE, transparent metrics - the way we keep our team highly motivated even in tough times and grow together. As a company grows in terms of the team size as well, it starts getting harder to put the right and effective quality principles in place and bring value out of them each time. And if I could keep the bar of the quality high then its most credit goes to Prashant for meticulously making it agile with all the stakeholders and the team culture we built together.


He leads by example, brings the best out of everyone, keeps a tab on growth for individuals, and does all of these maintaining the culture of fun and respect for each other. I like to especially thank him for getting my team to earn the respect for the impact and results. He is always going to be my dream teammate. And I don't think I lead him. In actuality, it's him, whose right mindset, right planning, execution, transparency, and trust that lead me to do more and bring back to our partnership and achieve the common org goal "Quality". Personally, he is respectful, empathetic, with the right intentions, and easily becomes a go-to friend, everyone who worked with him will agree to it. Effective communication, awesome ability to articulate, fun approach, optimistic are the key attributes that I always like to learn from him. We worked hard and partied harder with his fun-filled planning.


Super proud, and happy to have worked with him. Highly recommended!

Russ Lujan

Cofounder and President at Stealth Mode Mobile Startup

Prashant is a proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound tester and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He has exceptional QA skills. Prashant is very passionate and has great vision for his work. He has the ability to deliver in tight schedules and deadlines. He makes sure that project he is working on meets the highest standards. Prashant also provided valuable suggestions on improving the UX and performed usability tests with team mates and other testers to improve overall UX of the product. Prashant is a joy to work with.

Bhavya Agarwal

Co-founder ZipBoard

Prashant is very bright and passionate about his work. I had the pleasure of working with Prashant for a review and writing assignment for zipBoard. Prashant possesses a rare combination of analytical skills and leadership skills. He is extremely passionate about good user experience, testing and has a strong desire to learn and grow. It's a pleasure to work with Prashant and would love chance of working with him again.

Tom Welch

Mobile Development Manager at Deseret Book

I worked with Prashant on a complex project that was difficult to QA and he was very detailed and did an excellent job. He was very good to work with because he was adaptable in his technique that allowed him to work well with the team, providing the detailed and organized feedback that was necessary. I would gladly work with him on any other project because he is innovative, hard working, organized, and very skilled. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to working again with him on another project.

Tyler Loomis

Product Manager at Razorthink

I have been working with Prashant for the last 7 months at Razorthink as Product Manager and overseeing his projects and can speak to many of his professional qualities. First, Prashant has a way with his words that give clarity and understanding to even the most complex problems. His presentation and written skills speak for themselves and have garnered a loyal following. Second, He is able to quickly adapt to changes with a positive attitude and on-the-fly offer valuable solutions. Third, his skills in Quality Assurance are leading edge and extremely valuable for the team and products they serve. Overall I think Prashant's character, diligence, and leadership make him a great asset.

Bhuvana Krishnan

Product and Project Management Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Prashant in 2014 on a new product for a startup, during which he was our lead Quality Assurance Engineer. Prashant is very focused and dedicated with a keen eye for detail. His ability to deal with uncertainty and aggressive deadlines was an asset to our team. I was particularly impressed with his creative suggestions to improve process and product. Prashant will be an asset to any team that needs a highly results-driven member and one who will always give his best at all times.

Luke Scholefield

iOS Engineer at Guvera

Prashant is a detail orientated tester who provided valuable feedback for our developers. He proved capable of exploratory testing and thorough when working to a predefined test plan. His reports were clear and concise and included the key information that the developers required to act on his feedback. Working with Prashant was a pleasure.

Bhavani R

Product Manager at QATouch

Prashant has been an early client with us at QA Touch who is a pleasure to work with. He is an active contributor of the QA Touch community and a product enthusiast/evangelist by giving great feedback and new enhancement requests. Prashant would be a great addition to any team!​

Christine Paras

Acting Marketing Manager at LogiGear Corporation

Prashant has been a frequent contributor to both LogiGear Magazine and our blog. He has a keen eye for knowing what will resonate with the testing community. His original artwork for his pieces are not only well thought out, but look beautiful as well. His unique take on Agile, Automation, and Testing strategy have been well received by our readership, and make him a great writer.

Asya Galinsky

Community Relations Manager | Contributing Author at TestProject

Collaborating with Prashant is a great pleasure. Prashant is very knowledgeable generally in the QA field and especially, in the test automation field. His professional attitude is admirable and I will definitely recommend Prashant for being a test automation expert and a great colleague that is always willing to assist and cooperate.

Ruth Lily Walker

Marketing Support Executive (France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) at bChannels

While working as Client and Community Manager at Biggerplate, I had the pleasure of working with Prashant on a project called the Business Club, where we welcome guest speakers to present a webinar to our global mind mapping community. Prashant was a delight to work with; very responsive to email communication (on LinkedIn and Gmail), organised, enthusiastic, very attentive to detail, informative and polite. His presentation and blog post were excellent, full of insightful content from his own broad experience. I would recommend Prashant for his experiences in Software/QA Testing, management, mind mapping and conference speaking.

Yosra Sawi

A QC Engineer (Job Seeker @ Cairo)

I found Prashant's blog by Google search, And really his blog is a very useful resource in my studies.

I wanted some hands-on tasks on software testing which would help me to find a job in Egypt. So, I connected with Prashant on LinkedIn and requested him to be my mentor and train me on basics of software testing.

He taught me many things like:
How to write effective test cases, How to write awesome bug reports, How Agile works and many other tips.

His feedback always encourage me, because of his amazing words:
"Never give up!"
"I really appreciate your passion."
"Happy testing."

Prashant is my only mentor in software quality control, And I am very grateful for his efforts with me.

Meital Matsafi

Head of Community at TestProject

Prashant has been a long-time friend with us at TestProject, and it's always a pleasure working with such a professional in the test automation industry. He is always keen at sharing his expertise and knowledge, which incorporates valuable insight for the benefit of the entire test automation community. I’m happy to have the opportunity to get to know such a talented thought leader and highly recommend collaborating with him!

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